Welcome to Loops Rescue System

Welcome to Loops Rescue System

Welcome to Loops Rescue SystemWelcome to Loops Rescue SystemWelcome to Loops Rescue System

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What is it?

A simplified compact lifting or drag system for horse owners, veterinarians, first responders or others to help a horse that is down or trapped.



The Loops Equine Rescue System (LERS) can help in many situations. The system is effective in commonly used technical rescue procedures, including lifting a down horse. The system has been evaluated in peer reviewed publication research studies. It is designed for short term field use situations and does not replace prior full body lifting systems. The advantages to this system is that it lifts by the skeletal system, there are no knots, no J hooks, no metal bars and it fits in a small size duffel bag which can be carried in a horse trailer or be in the tack room. Fire Departments doing equine technical rescue can carry this small bag without displacing other equipment.


Product Information

Your Kit

What’s in the LERS system 

• Four 6-foot loops made each rated capacity 5300 lbs. vertical 

• Two oval locking carabiners

• One D-Ring shackle rated 9500 lbs.

 • Releasable heavy duty cable ties 

• Portable soft drag (rated 1,500 lbs.) • Two clamp-on foam comfort tubes • Duct tape

•Small duffel bag

•Instructional guide • Optional: Portable Soft Drag (rated 1,500 lbs; Titan By Taylor). 

Learn More

We want your experience using LERS to be as simple and clear as possible. Included in your kit is a guide book with each step involved. We also have full video instructions. 

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